Educate Young !
Entertain Adults !


For more than 35 years, we manufacture and publish boardgames and puzzles in our own facilities, here in Athens Greece.


Desyllas Games, also imports and distributes, in the territories of Greece and Cyprus, major toy brands like LEGO, LEGO Accessories, Schmidt Spiele, Heye, WOW toys and Chelona wooden toys.


All our products are build in own factory in Athens Greece. They are built under strict specs and regulations on safety and user experience. We always try to find the best available materials form all over the world that will maximize safety and gaming experience.

Game Design

It all starts from you boys and girls. A talented team of  professors, game designers and gamers work together towards one goal. Maximizing gaming experience ! 

Customer Support

We are human beings that sleep at night so we do not claim 24/7 customer support but we can assure you that our team would do its best to answer you ASAP on your questions and requests.

Desyllas Games

Desyllas Games manufactures from 1981, in its own factory, quality board games taking into consideration latest gaming trends and values along with modern manufacturing techniques. We currently manufacture and publish Preschool Puzzles  – Children Games  – Family Games. 


Desyllas Games from 2007 till now, has the honor to distribute LEGO toys in Greece.  Navigate through LEGO categories and meet all the new and exciting LEGO series and famous lines like Star Wars, Ninjago, City and many others!


Discover our huge selection of puzzles for all ages and personal taste! Well known puzzle makers like SCHMIDT, HEYE & CLEMENTONI assure quality. Famous artists like Park, Casaro, Humbolt, Rosina Wachtmeister will give you the inspiration to enter the world of puzzles!

"For over 36 years we manufacture and publish quality board games for all ages and genres!"

"We build every game with love and high standards to meet your gaming expectations!"

"We collaborate with talented game designers as well with professors and gamers to ensure excellent gaming experience and content quality in all our games!"